Tim McCarthy

Remote sensing expert across the project
Co-Leader, Toolbox of best practices and web mapping

Tim is a Professor of Computer Science and principal investigator at Maynooth University. His research interests are earth observation, geospatial science and geocomputation.
Within the project, he will provide expertise in the analysis of remote sensing data in all case studies, and the collection of field datafor the Irish case study. He will also contribute to other work packages and will co-lead the task to help developing visualizing tools.

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Gema Casal

Remote sensing expert
Ireland´s case study representative

Gema is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Maynooth University. Her research interests include ocean and coastal zone, satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vechicle, biodiversity, climate change and ecosystem services. Within the project she is integrating remote sensing to fill existent data gaps and to provide new knowledge for the understanding of climate change effects in biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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