Rémy Simide

Leader, Marine coastal nature-based solutions
Leader, Evaluation of long-term benefits of nature-based solutions to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
Rémy is a researcher in marine biology. His research interests are coastal marine ecology, marine biodiversity, nature-based solution, ecological restoration, innovative and sustainable aquaculture.
Within the project, Rémy is providing missing information for the implementation of effective nature-based solutions within the marine coastal context. He is also promoting long-term and cost-effective solutions supported or inspired by nature to cope with climate change on marine coastal ecosystems.
His vision for MaCoBioS is to help integrate more nature into solutions to build a resilient future.
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Géraldine Perez

Co-leader, Evaluation of long-term benefits of nature-based solutions to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
Contributor, Marine coastal ecosystems biodiversity, functions and services in a changing environment
Géraldine is a post-doctoral researcher at the IOPR. Within the project she will provide a synthesis of environmental, technical, social and economic data from ecosystem-related approaches to compare and classify the effectiveness of potential nature-based solutions. For the working package on marine and coastal ecosystems, she will also collect and analyse bioacoustic data from posidonia seagrass.
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Sylvain Couvray

Co-Investigator, Biologist diver
Sylvain is a biologist. His research interests are ecosystem ecology, ecological restoration of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, resource management and marine biodiversity.
Within the project, he will take part to the evaluation of biodiversity on seagrass beds, ecosystem ecology, ecological restoration of marine biodiversity and ecosystems
He sees the project as an opportunity to improve knowledge and management of marine ecosystems.
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Clément Madelaine

Co-investigator, Scientific diver

Clément is an Engineer in Marine Biology at IOPR. His research interests include biology ecology of marine fauna, monitoring, restoration, fish/post larvae, and seagrass Within the project, Clément will gather data to understand and improve our knowledge on marine ecosystems.

Aurélie Vion

Scientific diver
Since graduating from IntechMer (the National Institute for Marine Science and Technology) in 2008, she has worked on various research topics including marine ecotoxicology, the classification of benthic organisms in deep environments, inventories of fauna associated with multiple habitats, and post-larvae monitoring in ports and natural environments. She has focused on environmental protection, presentation and remediation, research, and raising awareness about the marine environment.

Patricia Ricard

Promotion of the overall project
Patricia is the chair of the IOPR. Her areas of interests lie within the conservation of the ocean and the climate and biodiversity nexus. Through policy advocacy works, she aims to raise awareness and advocates for conservation and management measures to be implemented.
Patricia actively promotes the project by relaying information about the different working packages and the underlying issues to her French and international political, private and management circles. She also advocates for better conservation measures and for a better consideration of marine ecosystems.
Patricia hopes for MaCoBioS to help put nature-based solutions at the forefront of national and international instances.