Artur Gil​

PI and Senior Researcher, Nature-based solutions

Artur is a Researcher at IVAR (Research Institute for Volcanology and Risk Assessment), University of the Azores. His research focusses on the development of geospatial applications, products, and indicators able to support decision-making on Natural Hazards' mapping and assessment, Spatial Planning, MAES (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services), and

Coastal/Land Management in oceanic islands and further remote territories.

Within the project, Artur supervises the project's WebGIS platform development and management.

His vision for the project is for MaCoBioS to trace an innovative and successful path on the synergistic study and mitigation measures' development of climate change, biodiversity decline and ecosystem services degradation, based on nature-based solutions.

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Andrea Zita Botelho

Senior Researcher
Contributor, Climate change affects foundation species and their safe operating space, Multi-risks composite index for focus eco-regions, Nature-based solutions

Andrea is a Senior Researcher at Fundação Gaspar Frutuoso, University of the Azores. Her research interests are ecosystem-based management, ecosystem services, marine ecology, marine protected areas, marine/maritime spatial planning and monitoring. 

Within the project, Andrea will determine how environmental drivers related with climate change affect biodiversity. She will also identify risk habitats and management actions along with adaptation strategies supported or inspired by nature.

Her hope from the project is a better understanding of the inter-relations between climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services and ensure effective and integrated management and conservation

Catarina Fonseca

Post-Doc Researcher and Project Manager
Post-doctoral research fellow Policy formulation

Catarina is a Post-doctoral Researcher at Fundação Gaspar Frutuoso, University of the Azores. Her research interests are governance and management of socio-ecological systems and stakeholders' perception
Within the project, she will take part to the task of stakeholders' identification and analysis.

She hopes that MaCoBioS will contribute to a better understanding of the complex relations between marine biodiversity, climate change and society.

Cristina Seijo Núñez

PhD Researcher
Contributor, Climate change effects on foundation species, Multi-risk composite index

Cristina is a Doctoral Researcher developing a PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management, at the University of Santiago de Compostela Gaspar. Her research will focus on Marine management and conservation.

Within the project, she will support the scientific development of the tasks in which Fundação Gaspar Frutuoso is involved and especially the two tasks. While supporting the collaboration between the working packages, she will also explore their interdependence and how they can feed each other.

Jéssica Uchôa

MSc Researcher

Jessica is a Master's student in Volcanology at the University of the Azores. Her research focusses on remote sensing and analysing geospatial data.

Within the project, Jessica is part of the research team that creates the webGIS for the project in order to support decision-making            

Her vision for the project is that MaCoBioS will support decision-making based on spatial analysis.

Rafaela Tiengo

MSc Researcher

Rafaela is a Master's student in Geology at the University of the Azores. Her research focusses on remote sensing and geospatial data.            

Within the project, Rafaela is part of the research team in charge of processing, modelling and analysing geospatial data.

Her vision for the project is that MaCoBioS will help support decision-making based on Remote Sensing.

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