Pierre Failler

Co-Leader, Policy Formulation
Leader, Policy and Stakeholder Review
Co-Leader, Cooperation

 Co-Leader, Project Coordination and Management
Leader, Data Management and Dissemination

Pierre is a Professor of economics and the Director of the Centre for Blue Governance at the University of Portsmouth.
His Research interests are the blue economy, blue governance and environmental policy.Within the project Pierre is responsible for the overall coordination. He is also in charge of various working packages and tasks including policy formulation, coordination and management, policy and stakeholder review, cooperation, as well as data management and dissemination.
His vision for the project is for MaCoBioS to be a key initiative to improve the way we enhance the health of coastal ecosystems.

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Simon Cragg

Co investigator

Simon is a Professor in Marine Zoology at the Institut of marine Sciences. His research specialism is wood boring marine invertebrates that are very important players in the transfer of carbon within and beyond mangrove ecosystems, and in maintaining biodiversity in mangrove ecosystems.

His work has a significant international dimension with a BBSRC-funded partnering fund enhancing the biotechnological (US National Renewable Energy Lab: Dr. Gregg Beckham) and biodiversity aspects (Ocean Genome Legacy: Prof Dan Distel; University of Massachussetts: Barry Goodell). The wood biodeterioration aspects of the work were reported as a highly rated Impact Case Study in REF 2014 and are now being developed through a consortium of Scandinavian partners funded by the Research Council of Norway and through EU COST activities.
His team is exploring environmental implications of woody detritus processing in the sea through the tropical sites run by Operation Wallacea and through his membership of the Mangrove Specialist Group of IUCN (the International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

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Ewan Trégarot

Leader, Project coordination
Leader, Scientific project’s management

Ewan is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Blue Governance at the University of Portsmouth. His research focuses on the contribution of nature to people, examining the ecological condition and vulnerability of coastal marine ecosystems to multiple pressures and exploring nature-based solutions to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Within the project, Ewan contributes to all work packages and tasks of the project as he is in charge of the coordination of the project as well as the scientific project’s management. As a scientific diver and underwater photographer, he will also collect field data in the different case studies of the project under a gradient of human pressures or protection measures.

Ewan sees MaCoBioS as a great opportunity to increase our understanding of coastal social-ecological systems’ functioning. Through the project he hopes for a more effective, integrated and evidence-based biodiversity conservation strategies and ecosystem management in the face of climate change.

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Cindy Cornet

Leader, Project coordination
Leader, Operational and financial project’s management
Cindy is a Research fellow at the Centre for Blue Governance, University of Portsmouth. Her research interests include ecosystem services assessment and valuation factoring in ecosystems’ ecological condition, marine and coastal ecosystems ecology, and birds ecology, in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, the Indian Ocean. Scientific diver and marine biologist, she will contribute to the collection of biological data in the field in the different case-studies of the project. She will also contribute her analytical skills (biostatistics and modelling) to all work packages and tasks of the project.
Her hope for the project is that with an improved understanding of marine and coastal ecosystems’ functioning, we will be able to protect and manage them better in the face of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors.
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Louisa Wood

support various work packages and tasks including policy formulation and communication.

Louisa is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Blue Governance.

She is interested in the effects of global environmental change on native ecosystems, species and people and what this means for environmental governance. She particularly works on topics of policy relevance relating to invasive species, aquatic animal health, biodiversity monitoring, ecosystem services and conservation of protected areas. She previously worked at the Centre for Environmental, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), providing technical advice to the UK government to support marine and freshwater policy implementation in these areas.
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Daisy Taylor

PhD Researcher
Daisy is a PhD Researcher at the University of Portsmouth. She is interested in Marine nature-based solutions, ecosystem services, coastal ecology and the connectivity between communities and local ecosystems. she Assist with fieldwork data collection in the UK for MaCoBioS project. She is also Developing a further understanding of the links between socioeconomics and coastal nature-based solutions. MaCoBioS goal is To improve how coastal ecosystems are protected and managed, by furthering community and stakeholder involvement in nature-based solution development.
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