Emily Boyd

Leader, Adaptation to climate change scenarios
Leader, Cooperation And Communication, Adaptation To Climate Change Scenarios And Policy Guidance And Research And Innovation Orientations .
Emily is Professor in sustainability studies and a leading social scientist with a specialist focus on environment and climate change. Her unique focus has been on the interdisciplinary nexus of poverty, livelihoods and resilience in relation to global environmental change, focusing on issues pertaining to cities, sustainable land use, water and deforestation in Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and Europe.
Her work has been published across the social and sustainability sciences with notable publications on resilience, adaptation and the politics and practice of community participation in the new carbon economy. She is also lead author of IPCC AR6 (WGII – Chapter 8 Poverty, Livelihoods and Sustainable Development).

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Torsten Krause

Co-leader, Adaptation to climate change scenarios, Policy guidance and research innovation orientation
Contributor, co-operation and communication

Torsten is Assistant Professor at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS). His research interests include marine governance, species conservation, traditional ecological knowledge. 

Within the project, Torsten will mostly be involved in developing policy guidance for further research and innovation orientations (lead by Prof. Emily Boyd). Within this task, the aim is to develop a framework for evaluating readiness for policy change based on the latest science provided by the MaCoBioS partners.      He is also supervising doctoral researchers within the project. 

Torsten is very much looking forward to learn from all the partners involved. He also hopes that the project will contribute to a more sustainable governance of marine and coastal ecosystems, recognizing the interlinkages between the land and the sea, and between people and the environment.

Alicia N'Guetta

Contributor, Risk and adaptation of marine coastal socio-ecological systems, policy formulation

Alicia is a Doctoral Researcher at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS).

Her research interests are climate change adaptation, coastal and marine livelihoods, loss and damage, gender, and intersectionality

Within the project, Alicia will contribute to the activities related to risk and adaptation of marine coastal socio-ecological systems (WP2) and policy formulation (WP4) with a focus on Martinique as a case study

Her hope is that MACOBIOS contributes to the understanding and sustainable improvement of the human relationship with the ocean by studying climate change’s impact on marine coastal ecosystem services and how it affects coastal communities.

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Fabiola Espinoza Cordova

Leader, Adaptation to climate change scenarios

Fabiola is a Doctoral Researcher at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS). Her research interests are climate change adaptation, vulnerability, resilience, marine and coastal governance, ecosystem-based management.
Within the project, she will coordinate and contribute with other scientists to develop a multidimensional resilience index, which will allow to analyse through indicators how different groups of local actors face up-coming cumulative impacts linked to climate change.

Fabiola hopes that, through the  MaCoBioS  project, regional and local stakeholders will be prepared to implement adaptation strategies within coastal marine socio-ecosystems that are sustainable and just.
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