Erik Meesters​

Researcher and case study expert
(Bonaire's coral reef)

Erik is a Senior Researcher at Wageningen University and Research. His research interests are coral reef ecology and applied statistics.

Within the project, he will be working on connecting large scale to small scale or from regional to local in terms of impacts, indices and biodiversity.
For Erik, impacts of pressures are too often studied in isolation, while we know that they are often connected and influence each other. His hope for MaCoBioS is to succeed in including to some degree interactions between pressures in their impacts on biodiversity.

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Matthijs van der Geest

Co investigator
Matthijs is a Senior Research Associate at WMR with an extensive track record in marine benthic ecology, seagrass ecosystem functioning and conservation biology. His research interest is the ecology of chemosymbiotic bivalves influencing seagrass productivity and resilience to environmental change, and in seagrass and sargassum carbon sequestration.

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Lisa Becking

Co investigator
Lisa is an assistant professor at WMR and Wageningen University and Research specialized in tropical marine biodiversity. Her projects focus on the connectivity and resilience of marine protected areas and marine coastal ecosystems.

She has extensive experience in population genomic analyses and environmental DNA tools, as well as species community ecology. She is an elected member of the Young Academy of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences

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