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MaCoBioS aims to embed and engage stakeholders in our programme. Our ambition is to develop understanding, co-design theory and tools, and effectively communicate our findings. Here, we provide updates to our latest news and events. We will undertake a range of public and invite-only engagement activities and provide details of these as they are organised. We would love to hear from you If you’d like to get involved or have any comments. Contact us at info@macobios.eu, follow @MaCoBioS on Twitter and Instagram or register for updates below.

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techniques & tools

eDNA : Unveiling life

The eDNA revolution Everywhere we go, we leave traces of ourselves: our DNA. DNA is a universal molecule, shared by all the living world. When

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WORKSHOP : WP2 Expert engagement

MaCoBioS – WP2 EXPERT-ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOP March 2021, Virtual workshop: Design of the expert-based multi-risk assessment framework – MRAF underpinning cumulative impact appraisal in MCEs”WP2 –

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