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MaCoBioS aims to embed and engage stakeholders in our programme. Our ambition is to develop understanding, co-design theory and tools, and effectively communicate our findings. Here, we provide updates to our latest news and events. We will undertake a range of public and invite-only engagement activities and provide details of these as they are organised. We would love to hear from you If you’d like to get involved or have any comments. Contact us at info@macobios.eu, follow @MaCoBioS on Twitter and Instagram or register for updates below.

Latest News and Events

Climate Change

Blue intelligence

An ocean of data We are living in the era of “Big data”, where the amount of data has increased and will continue rising exponentially

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Marine and coastal ecosystems

Why are kelp forest important ?

Kelp forests and their importance for nature and society Kelp forests are often regarded as “underwater rainforests”. Formed by the dense growth of several kelp

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