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Societal challenges, such as human health, food security, climate action and biodiversity protection, require not only improved scientific knowledge to address them, but also need to embed society into the creation of science-informed solutions to incorporate societal values, facilitate uptake and increase the chance of successfully adopting new interventions. Stakeholder engagement therefore lies at the core of MaCoBioS and is essential to ensuring effective policy advice.

MaCoBioS is working with stakeholders from across Northern Europe, the Western Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean to help us identify and respond to stakeholder needs and enhance the robustness and applicability of our analyses and results. For stakeholders, the knowledge and data we produce will be useable and useful, and made freely available through our website. We aim to help decision-makers and practitioners communicate about Nature-Based Solutions to mitigate climate change and make more effective and appropriate decisions in future management of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Here, you can find useful information about the challenges we are trying to address in MaCoBios, our findings throughout the project, and how to get involved.


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