Callum Roberts

Co-Leader, Effectiveness of nature-based solutions Leader, Dialogue with stakeholders
Callum is a Professor of marine conservation at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter.
His research interests include coastal marine environmental management, fisheries, marine protected areas, biodiversity loss and rebuilding and marine historical ecology.
Within the project, Callum will be looking at how nature-based solutions benefit people and nature in the Caribbean. He will also work on the dialogue with stakeholders for the establishment of effective nature-based solutions, to improve awareness, ease of use and efficacy of nature-based solutions.
His vision for MaCoBioS is to increase awareness and application of nature-based solutions to address the impacts people have on climate and the planet.

Bethan O'Leary

Postdoctoral researcher, Effectiveness of nature-based solutions, Dialogue with stakeholders, Toolbox of best practices and web mapping
Beth is a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. She is a conservation scientist whose research interests lie in the sustainable management of marine resources and the integration of scientific research with applied environmental management and policy
Within the project, Beth will be delivering a review on the effectiveness of nature-based solutions in the project’s case study countries, coordinating stakeholder engagement, and organising the website toolbox for sharing MaCoBioS outputs.
Beth sees MaCoBioS as advancing understanding on how to implement effective nature-based solutions in marine and coastal environments bringing scientists and stakeholders together to improve policy decisions.

Julie Hawkins​

Contributor, Effectiveness of nature-based solutions, Dialogue with stakeholders, Toolbox of best practices and web mapping
Julie is a Senior Lecturer in marine environmental management at the University of Exeter. Her main research interests focus on how climate change and human activities such as fishing and tourism alter the structure and function of coral reef ecosystems and management options to mitigate these.
Within the project, Julie will work to support stakeholder engagement and output dissemination throughout MaCoBioS. She will also support and undertake coral reef research surveys in the Caribbean to evaluate the ecological effectiveness of nature-based solutions.
Julie’s vision for MaCoBioS is that it will highlight the importance of linking climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services for multiple benefits to society and lead the way in designing effective, efficient and integrated management options to better enable marine and coastal ecosystems to face climate change.