Francesc Maynou

Co-Leader, Marine coastal ecosystems biodiversity, functions and services in a changing environment
Francesc is a Research Scientist at the Spanish National Research Council. Hir research focuses on Fisheries bioeconomic modelling. Within the project he is involved in research on ecosystem functions and services of maerl beds in the Western Mediterranean. The results will help identify gaps in our understanding of ecological functioning of these threatened ecosystems. His vision for the project is that MaCoBioS will set scientific baselines for the protection and restoration of maërl beds.
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Silvia De Juan

Co-Leader, Marine coastal ecosystems biodiversity, functions and services in a changing environment.
Silvia is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Marine Science (ICM-CSIC). Her research focuses on ecological condition of marine habitats, ecosystem functions and the provision of services to society in the Mediterranean

Within the project, she leads the Work Package 1 on behalf of ICM-CSIC by contributing with biodiversity and ecosystem functioning data from rodoliths beds in the Spanish Mediterranean. She also undertakes the identification of safe operational limits of rodoliths beds and the selection of a set of indicators of the ecological condition of the habitats.
Silvia’s vision for MaCoBioS is that it will contribute to a holistic understanding of the multiple factors involved in the interaction between humans and nature in marine and coastal areas, and that it will shed light on the paths to achieve sustainable marine socio-ecological systems.
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Montserrat Demestre

Montserrat Is A Research Scientist With A PhD In Marine Science(1992). Her main fields of scientific interests are ecology of marine benthic ecosystems; the life-history of benthic and demersal target specie; the impact of fisheries on biodiversity and approaches for the conservation of benthic habitats; and the study of fisheries dynamics, including discard practices. She has co-authored ca. 90 publications in peer-reviewed journals and she has participated in 22 research projects from national and international funding bodies, being the principal investigator in 12 projects.
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Andrea Cabrito

PhD student - Team of Marine Coastal Ecosystem of maërl
Andrea Is a PhD student at ICM (CSIC). she is interested in Genetics and taxonomy of maërl species composition.She is mostly involved in WP1 ( in tasks 1.2 and 1.3 studying the biodiversity patterns that exist in maerl habitats). Also collaborating in tasks 2.3 and 3.1 through literature review and fieldwork participation.
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Laia Illa

PhD student, WP1 Marine Coastal Ecosystems Biodiversity, Functions And Services In A Changing Environment
Lara is a Research technician, Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC. She is interested in species interactions, climate change, species responses to pressures, ecosystem services, spatial management, ecosystem shifts and tipping points. Within the project she is modelling maërl distribution in different climate change scenarios, test environmental limits.