By Sui Phang, Ewan TregarotBy Sui Phang, Ewan Tregarot, Cindy Cornet, Mialy Andriamahefazafy, Pierre Failler (University of Portsmouth), Fintan Burke, Vera Köpsel (University of Hamburg), Beth O’leary (University of Exeter) and Myron Peck (Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research)

EcoMagazine MaCoBioS-FutureMares

EcoMagazine MaCoBioS-FutureMares

MaCoBioS is featured in the special issue of the EcoMagazine ( towards the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science ( The piece discusses how nature-based solutions can be a sustainable way of meeting humans’ needs while protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems. When done well, they can be powerful tools to fight against climate change and protect biodiversity. We are proud to be featured in the special issue along with the project FutureMares.(

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